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Neglected Dog Abandoned In Dumpster Gets Adopted


Hearts around the world broke this month when a 2-year-old Chihuahua was found discarded in a Des Moines, Iowa dumpster, but his story is finally getting it’s happy ending.

The Chihuahua had been locked in a kennel and thrown away like garbage, but the container broke when it landed in the trash. The dog was able to climb to the top of the pile, where he was spotted by a passerby.

The pup, named Oscar by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, was severely malnourished. His fur was matted with filth and he was infested with intestinal parasites. Oscar had clearly been suffering long before he was thrown into the garbage. His body was so starved for food that he almost immediately regained 25% of his weight once he was able to eat again.

Tina Updegrove, an Animal Control Officer with the ARL, offered to foster Oscar. She only intended to look after him while he recovered, but after the very first night, she and her husband knew he was meant to stay!

Tina told KCCI Des Moines,

“My husband plays harmonica and he’s really good at it. The only other dog that would sing with my husband was our pit bull that we had to put to sleep quite a few years ago due to old age.

“Tony started playing and Oscar started howling like Pete did, like, singing with him. And he was like, ‘Oh my goodness, Tina.’ Me and my husband just said, ‘We’re gonna adopt him, right?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, we are.’”

Oscar’s sad past hasn’t dampened his spirit. His tail still wags and he looks happy to be held and offer kisses. Maybe he just knows it’s all over.

The person responsible for causing Oscar’s suffering has been charged with animal neglect and abandonment.

Featured Photo: ARL of Iowa/Facebook
H/T: KCCI.com

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