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Making Our Customers’ Tails Wag

Here at dogIDs, we have a goal:

to make our customers’ tails wag.


What does that mean?

It means that we go above and beyond to put our customers’ needs first and make sure that they are so happy with our products and service that they could wag their tail.

You know when your dog sees you after a long day at work or you’re about to give them a treat and they wag their tail so fast you wonder if it will fly off? Just like that.

We aim to excite, inform and fully satisfy our fellow dog lovers!

How do we do it?

Aside from creating great, high-quality products with dogs in mind, there are a few extra ways we connect with our customers.

Most importantly, we give the best customer service. Our customer service team consists of Keely and Trista. Being a two person team, they are able to be incredibly informed about products, shipping procedures and all policy information. Any question you have about our products or site, you can be sure Keely and Trista will find you an answer! They are also very relatable. Being dog lovers themselves, they truly care about finding the perfect product for your pup. It is their goal to get back to people ASAP and make sure they are satisfied no matter what.

We love our customers so much that we have to show them with tail wagging extras.

Tail wagging extras allow us to give a special treat to our customers.

  • We often send postcards thanking our customers that everyone at dogIDs gets to sign.
  • As an added bonus, we randomly select some orders to get upgraded to priority shipping, meaning your pup gets to enjoy their personalized products sooner!
  • Everyone on our team can write a note an any order. That piece of paper in your package may just have a joke or a thank you from one of us at dogIDs.
  • Who doesn’t love free stuff? To show extra appreciation, some orders will include a special free gift. This could range from treats to a leash!

We’re just a pack of crazy dog lovers that want to provide the very best personalized dog products for you and your furry best friend. We’re so excited to have you as part of our pack!

dogIDs Team


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